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Terms of Service

Please read thoroughly before proceeding with commissioning

  • prices are listed in USD and paid upfront in full.

  • once your commission has begun, refunds are no longer considered and are non-refundable.

  • payments are accepted only through paypal.

  • prices may change due to complexity and/or size of commission. you will be notified beforehand with any price changes / sale pricing.

  • references are required when requesting a commission.

  • i retain the copyright for the commission. clients are allowed to reupload, print, and use for personal use. If commercial use is desired, please refer to the commercial use guidelines below.

  • One major revision and two minor revisions will be provided.

  • credits are optional, but always welcomed and encouraged.

What I will draw
Fanart, Original Characters, descriptive refs
What I won't draw
Furry, Mecha, NSFW, Gore, Violence, Elderly

Will/Won'ts may vary due to how comfortable I feel with the request

Commission Process

  • Reach out via email form on home page with what you're looking to commission

  • If your order is accepted, an email response will be sent to collect more detailed information regarding your order

  • once details are received, an invoice will be sent, followed by a message confirming the order details

  • an initial sketch will be provided once payment has been accepted. ( Major revision will be used here if the client wishes )

  • minor revisions can be requested as the order has been completed/near-completion stage. ( Positioning, Color correcting, Removal )

  • once the final submission has been sent, no more changes can be made

Commercial use

  • 50% of the original price - Rush Orders ( Limited Availability )

  • 100% of the original price - Merchandise/Commercial Useage ( Stickers, Shirts, ETC ) - This must be disclosed when placing an order.

Not required for live-streaming services

Pricing & Samples

Please read thoroughly before proceeding with commissioning


  • $25.00 USD - Simple Logo Design

  • $50.00 USD - Complex Logo Design


  • $15.00 USD - Per emote

  • $65.00 USD - Bundle of 5x Emotes

  • Emote sizes will come in 3 sizes - 112px, 56px, and 28px

  • if a larger emote size is required, please specify